Little Lingo Learners

Posted on September 24 2021 Categories: , , ,

It is amazing to see our children at Leap Start enjoying learning Mandarin with our puppet friends Panda, Frog and Crocodile, there are lots of joy and laughter in the lessons. The children love giving the Panda a cuddle or tickle on his tummy. They also develop great language skills through different activities.

In the past months, our children learned to sing the Good Morning song in Mandarin. They sang with Rainnie our Mandarin Teacher and demonstrated excellent observation skills following her actions. We focused on the Mandarin pronunciation of different animals such as dogs, cows, cats, and ducks. We also learnt through songs, books, and puzzles.

The children developed a strong interest in ants. We looked at the anatomy and discussed the features of ants. Besides, we listened to songs about ants such as ‘the Ants go Marching’. We read the storybook ‘The Ants and the Bean’ that encourages teamwork.The children wore the Ants masks pretending to be the ants carrying food to their shelter. They demonstrated great cooperation skills in the experience.

Further, the children enjoyed the sensory activity exploring the ants in a nature tray. We counted the number of ants in Mandarin and looked at their colours. The children had lots of fun using the tweezers to pick up the ants and developing their fine motor skills. They learned to ask questions in Mandarin such as, ‘is it an ant?’ and ‘where is the ant.’ We also incorporated the Australian Sign Language in the lesson to guide children’s learning.

To extend children’s understanding of the Olympics, we introduced them to different Olympic sports such as gymnastics, tennis, and badminton. We discussed the colours and rings of the Olympics symbol. We read the book about gymnastics and persistence. The children also performed some beautiful gymnastic movements with the rainbow ribbons.