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Posted on January 23 2023 Categories: ,

Seeing the children develop a strong interest and confidence in learning a second language in the Leap Start family is fabulous. Our Leap Start Little Lingo Learners have grown greatly in participating in our daily language sessions. The children built cultural awareness by engaging in various hands-on experiences and cultural activities.

Little Lingo Learners

One of the big events we celebrated was the Moon festival in September 2022. Our children explored the traditional Chinese lanterns, read storybooks, sang songs, and made delicious mooncakes. Further, our children learned the legend of the Moon Goodness – Chang E. The Kindy children demonstrated curiosity and critical thinking skills as they asked the language teachers, Ying and Rainnie if the story of Chang E is real.

Our Lingo Learners utilized the opportunity to strengthen their language skills during Christmas when our families and friends were sharing their blessings and happiness. They practiced saying a range of Christmas vocabulary in Mandarin, such as Santa Claus (shèng dàn lǎo rén), snowman (Xuě rén), Christmas tree (Shèng dàn shù) and gingerbread man (Jiāng bǐng rén). More importantly, they learned to say Merry Christmas (Shèng dàn kuài lè) in Mandarin. To foster children’s learning and memory skills, we also incorporated AUSLAN (Australian Sign Language) in the language lessons. Our Leap Start children did so well practicing their language skills through actions and games.

Lingo Learners


As Lunar New Year approaches, we have planned plenty of learning experiences to scaffold children’s understanding of Asian cultures and beliefs. The children were excited to dress in traditional Chinese clothing and perform the lion dance. They participated in the Chinese calligraphy experience and designed their own Fai Chuns. They explored Asian cuisine and learned to use chopsticks, reinforcing their fine-motor skills. There are many more to come. Stay tuned for our fun and exciting Lingo Learners program.