Lego Mindstorm Arrived at Leap Start!!!

Lego Mindstorm
Posted on August 27 2021 Categories: , ,

This week Herley, Kelsey, both passionate Lego enthusiasts and Maddi, our amazing STEAM Coordinator, have had a lot of fun trying out Leap Start’s new Lego Mindstorm Robotics Kit.

All three are amazingly talented when it comes to creating with Lego but also in regard to writing code to make the robots fun and engaging.

Lego Mindstorm

When I joined them, it soon became clear that Charlie, as one robot is called, doesn’t like me very much and every time I approached him, he zoomed away from me.

He was also a little bit uncoordinated when it came to playing the drums – his arms flew everywhere!

He also made it very clear that red was not his favourite colour, but that green made him do a happy dance.

His high fives seemed to be mor of a “low-five”, but our STEAM TEAM had this all sorted out in no time and with a lot of laughs.

Lego Mindstorm

Now this is exactly what we want to achieve for our children:

Laugh and have fun while building all kinds of Lego Mindstorm robots.

It’s a fantastic resource: It can be combined with regular Lego or Lego Technic and gives children creative freedom, but also teaches them to follow certain steps in sequence.

Our children will use play to investigate, project and explore new ideas and collaborate with their friends to solve problems and contribute to the creation of amazing robots.

From a very young age on we aim for our wonderful children to have opportunities in gaining increasingpractical knowledge of physics concepts, engineering, and IT and technology.

We want to nurture their drive to explore, infer, predict, and hypothesise, learn through trial, and error and become familiar and competent with a variety of different technologies.

Enabling them to develop an increased understanding of this amazing world they are living and growing up in, will hopefully give them a lifelong curiosity and joy of learning.

Charlie will soon visit children of all age groups to give high fives and show off his moves!