Our Children Enjoy Learning Mandarin

Posted on May 15 2023 Categories: ,

In the past few months, our lovely Leap start children have become more and more interested in learning Mandarin (Chinese). Some of our children are now able to sing Chinese version.

Learning Mandarin

We have studied animals before, and recently we are studying fruits. These fruits include apples (苹果píngguǒ), watermelons(西瓜xīguā), bananas(香蕉xiāngjiāo), strawberries (草莓cǎoméi), and oranges (橙子chéngzi).

MandarinNot only did we have toy fruits, but we also made a laminated fruit tree and fruits for the children to “pick fruits”, and a laminated cart for the children to “buy fruit”. Rainnie also took fruits from the kitchen for the children to taste. Children really enjoy tasting the fruits and that helps them to remember the names of the fruits better.When we were at Easter, we learned vocabulary about Easter. Includes Easter (复活节fùhuó jié), bunny(兔子tùzǐ), carrot (胡萝卜, húluóbo), egg(彩蛋cǎidàn), and hen (母鸡 mǔ jī). Because of learning rabbits, we have revisited the vocabulary related to animals that we have learned before.

In addition to Easter, we also prepared for Mother’s Day. The children learned vocabulary about mothers(妈妈māmā), flowers (花儿huā er), hugs (拥抱 yǒngbào), kisses (亲亲qīn qīn), and gifts(礼物lǐwù), , We also sang “Mom I Love You”(妈妈我爱你māmā wǒ ài nǐ ). Some of our prekindy / kindy children can do love gestures and said “Mom, I love you” in Chinese.We also learned《小兔子乖乖》( “Little Rabbit, Be Good” xiǎo tùzǐ guāiguāi), to acknowledge our children not to open the door to strangers, and they must wait until the parents are present before opening the door. We hope that these things that children learn at Leap Start can be used in daily life, and they can practice when they see it. We  welcome parents’ suggestions that can help our children enjoy Mandarin learning more.