What Learning Happens at Leap Start?

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Learning At Leap Start: Woodwork workshops, dance, language and other exciting programs for overall development of kids.

Hello again to our wonderful Families

The end of the year is approaching fast and so is the new year. My self and Stephanie have been busy with lost of tours for new families who will be joining us next year. If you are interested in seeing our centre and what Leapstart is all about please contact the centre via email or phone. During our tour, we will show you all the rooms and outdoor environments, explain all our specialist programs and why they will benefit your child. What meals our amazing cook creates while using fresh herbs from our bush tucker garden at the front of the centre and what availability we have and our waitlist process. When your child starts, we offer settling in visits to ensure your child has a smooth transition to the new environment and educators in their room. We have created a Welcome back for when you start at our service with many goodies such as, a hat, wet bag, bubbles, drink bottle with their name embroidered, our personal music CD and more.

What learning happens at Leap Start:

Our programs include:

Budding builders- a woodwork workshop and class run by Sharree our extremely talented creative mastermind where children learn the benefits of safe risk taking as well as textures and clever creations made by your own children under the supervision of Sharree😊

We are also extremely fortunate to have our contractor Brian come and assist us during our learning experiences with his knowledge

Dance with Miss Emma, all ages are welcome!! Please enquire at reception area

Language: Our Highly experienced mandarin experts, Ying and Rainnie. Ying has been working in schools and volunteer work also on weekends at the Cockburn community centre

Herley and Rachel are also collaborating in caring for our furry friends and froggies, together with the children

Rachel is our powerhouse art speciality teacher currently working on the multicultural reading space outdoors with the designs from the children…

Miss Christina our music specialist teacher who has a spark for music and movement we are very excited for her energy and things to come with Miss Emma on our end of year showcase and much more music to come!!

STEAM, we are currently in the process of changing up or S.T.E.A.M AND ANR approach (auto neuro response) Maddi is a young talented and motivational educator full of exciting learning experiences… stay tuned….

With love,

Ange and Adele xo