Leap Start Southern River First Parent on Waiting List

Leap Start Southern River First Parent on Waiting List
Posted on May 13 2021 Categories: , ,

Double Congratulations to Georgia!

Congratulations to Georgia for having recently had her beautiful baby girl Elizabeth and Congratulations to her for signing up 3 months ago already as the first parent on the waiting list for Leap Start Early Learning Southern River! Welcome to the leap Start family!

We are very excited to welcome you both to our newest centre – even though it has not even been built yet.

Georgia’s niece is already attending Leap Start Early Learning Child Care in Jandakot and her parents are so pleased with how she has settled into a brand-new environment that they recommended for Elizabeth to join us at Leap Start Southern River.

As Director I am ever so delighted when I hear such positive feedback.

On our tour today Georgia got to experience for herself that even though we offer an amazing STEAM based curriculum and Specialist Programs (Art-, Dance-, Musical Performance classes, daily music sessions, wood working, engineering, animal care and daily Mandarin classes for all children) and are developing our own pedagogical Approach, the ANR or Accelerated Neuro Response Approach, most important to us is building the relationships with your children and you.

We call this the ‘warm and fuzzy ‘, without which nothing goes.

Like for so many other parents her baby girl’s safety and wellbeing is most important to Georgia.

I could reassure her that the way we nurture and help children grow and learn at Leap Start Jandakot will continued at Leap Start Southern River.

We are already busy hiring and training up staff members in our own unique way so that staff will be familiar, confident and able to work in our unique way.

It is our plan to for the centers to collaborate closely, stay innovative in the way we do things and to keep improving together.

The Leap Start family feel will not get lost.