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Greetings to all our wonderful Families in Leap Start Kitchen

Firstly, I would like to introduce myself to families who might have not met me. 😊

My name is Noelle and I am the Food Operations Manager for Leap Start Early Learning Child Care.

Having been in the Food & Beverage Industry for almost 20 years, I have brought with me a wealth of knowledge in nutrition, food health and safety, my culinary skills and of course my passion to provide the best and most suitable food for each and every child at Leap Start. 

I find joy working in an environment for children from birth – 6 years and having completed several courses in nutrition I know how important not only the right nutrition, but also correctly textured food is.

Early childhood oral development milestones, particularly regarding the importance of chewing for a child’s speech development and the cause of food aversions in early childhood are two of my focus areas.

In collaboration with our Educational Leader Amiee, I am creating Leap Start’s weekly menu with  new recipes that appeal to our children’s  taste buds are appropriate  for the different age groups of children attending our centre.

As we here at Leap Start pride ourselves to be a culturally diverse centre, our menu consists of dishes made with of spices from many different ethnic backgrounds, including native Australian ones as Finger Lime and Lilly Pilly, without the “heat”. 😉

If you have a garden at home and might have a few herbs, fruits, cuttings to plant or vegetables to spare, we’d be happy to use them in our food as a way to include our families.

I’m also always looking for interesting recipes for our mealtimes or cultural celebrations, like these Moon Cakes I made for the Mid-Autumn Festival, we could include into our menu.

You can email me at kitchen@leapstartchildcare.com.au 

With the support of all our educators, it is my goal to grow our children’s appreciation of where our food comes from. 

These days often they only know it as being bought in the shops and we’d love to grow vegetables in our garden from your cuttings or seedlings and eventually use them in our food.

There is nothing more magical then seeing our children growing their own food and consuming it with such good intentions.

Till then, I wish you all in good health and blessings and stay tune with leap start kitchen.