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The Leap Start Difference

As a parent you make many decisions about, for and with your children over their lifetime.

As noted in the previous section of Leap Start, the 0-7 age bracket is one of the most important in their development, so it’s vital you get their early learning placement right.

It’s also true, as a child grows, their needs change. So you require a child care arrangement that provides important security and routine when they are infants, and challenge, adventure and learning opportunities when they are toddlers. Situated on over 3,000m2 Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy offers an advanced solution for you as your child grows from infancy to their pre-school years.

Here’s how at Leap Start we make your child feel special and help them grow into bright, happy, confident young people ready for the big step up into formal schooling…

However, to summarise, here are the advantages again…

  • Brain Development and Memory  – active participation in music has been shown to develop multiple areas of the brain and boost memory skills
  • Speech and Vocabulary – regular singing of songs not only enhances a child’s vocabulary, it also strengthens their communication skills
  • Listening – singing in small groups develops both listening and comprehension skills, and helps aides the brain in the development of the ability to follow directions
  • Fine Motor Skills – playing instruments and dancing to music is a great way to develop movement and co-ordination
  • Sensory Engagement – all skills are practiced including viewing, touching, listening, verbalizing and moving for a total educational experience
  • Love of Learning – in these formative years, the more a child learns to love learning the more chance they have to become authentic lifelong learners. Music gives them enjoyment, fun, love of life, relaxation, release of energy, and self-expression which are all enhanced through our ground-breaking curriculum.

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy music is for EVERY CHILD, EVERY DAY through singing, movement, playing percussion instruments, yoga and meditation which helps your child become confident.

This is a key point of difference. Many childcare centres offer music. What this usually means is that an outside provider visits the centre on one day a week and only those children whose parents pay extra, are able to participate.

Music for your child at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy is a set curriculum to learn from, not a user-pays add-on, or merely a Childcare Educator singing a nursery rhyme or giving a group instruction in a musical instrument. Yes, Leap Start kids love their music and love performing their concerts for parents even more.