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"At Last a NEW Unique and Exciting Child Care Curriculum Scientifically PROVEN to Enhance a Child’s Early Development is Available to Parents Who Want the Best for Their Child"
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The Leap Start Child Care Difference

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Welcome to Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy You made an extremely wise decision to access this website because it will help you make the RIGHT decision about the early learning placement of your child.

There are many reasons to choose an accredited, state of the art facility like Leap Start. It could be to help you return to work, training or further education. For other parents, it’s about seeing their child enjoy the socialization and development afforded by quality care.

About “Leap Start’s LITTLE SYMPHONIES” Music Based Program

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care, we have a strong belief in the documented and proven benefits to childhood development using a music and well-being-based program…

The indisputable historical evidence that “The Arts” plays an integral role in a child’s early development is of the highest importance.*

Exposing children to music during early development helps them learn the sounds and meanings of words. Introducing music in classrooms has many benefits for children as it helps them express emotion, improve coordination, enhances sensory development and benefits literacy and numeracy.

Music is a universal language therefore all students will be engaged in the learning of it. Even if students are developmentally delayed, their music skills may not be, using music in our facility it will help children become more creative and freethinking.

Additional to this, our program will cater for under 1’s through to kindy children. (Some programs only focus on the older children). Our Music Teacher is building a music program around beat, sound and rhythm for all children who attend the centre, and around the interests of all children.

And of course, everyone just loves Hip Hop the Frog, our Leap Start Early Learning Child Care music mascot who leads the “LITTLE SYMPHONIES” program. You can be confident your child is receiving the BEST education money can buy at Leap Start.

ANNOUNCING – A NEW ENRICHED all-inclusive environment proven to enhance your child’s early development emotionally, spiritually and intellectually through “Music, Arts and Language”

Leap Start recognizes these varying needs; our whole philosophy has been built around happiness and development. Our passion is your child’s emotional, social and academic progress.

The most important thing for us is that you are happy with your decision and entrust your child’s care to us with confidence. That’s why we survey our parents for any improvements they would like us to include.

The results have led to the introduction of our “LEARNING A SECOND LANGUAGE” program with Mandarin the most popular choice. Research reveals children between the ages of 2 and 4 are in the ideal window to rapidly learn a second language.*

Our “CREATIVE ARTS PROGRAM” including colouring, painting and craft activities, is important for your child’s development of creativity, self expression and individuality.

And our “PERFORMING ARTS PROGRAM” which includes singing, percussion, maracas and dance is important for your child’s development in coordination, movement, group activities and a lot of fun.

With these new additional educational activities, we’ve decided to create a DEDICATED room specifically for “The Music, Arts and Language” programs

The founders of Leap Start have over 20 years’ experience running childcare and early learning centers here in Western Australia. A great deal of research, including world’s best early learning education practice, has gone into the creation of Leap Start.

Child Care

In fact we’ve scoured the world in pursuit of the BEST music-based curriculum for your child. We’ve even gone the extra yard and have our own specialist dedicated music teacher on hand at Leap Start every week!

I believe by having a passionate and dedicated music teacher highlight and reinforces the importance we place on music.

Led by our music mascot Hip Hop the Frog, your child will enjoy all the benefits our music program, “LITTLE SYMPHONIES” has to offer, including age specific Leap Start written and recorded songs. You’ll be able to sing along at home and enjoy the learning experience with your child.

Combining music and play, with learning Mandarin, creative arts, performing arts, yoga and meditation our all-inclusive program gives your child the best start possible.

From the exhaustive search and effort for the right music-based program to our unique outdoor playground which is the envy of other centres, no expense or detail has been spared.

Our purpose built, state of the art facility is designed with only one thing in mind: the safety, care and growth of the children whose development we are entrusted with.

Surrounded by our manicured lawn and gardens, we have ample dedicated parking and drop off points for your convenience and safety.

The whole centre has been constructed with high security in mind and it starts right at the front entrance which is secured by an electronic security system meaning only parents/caregivers/guardians issued with an official swipe card can enter.

Your choice of the right child care facility must meet your child’s emotional, social and developmental needs, and also match your lifestyle requirements. Plus, it’s vital, when you’re not there with them, you have the confidence to know they are safe and nurtured.

For any parent, there are few things more rewarding and heart-warming than to watch your child excitedly get ready for “school” and skip out the door because they look forward to their day. That’s what you can expect when you choose the BEST facility for your child.

So welcome to Leap Start Early Learning Child Care! This is Child Care Done Differently!

* REFERENCE – From the development of early coordination skills that lead to the precision required for writing, through to fostering empathy, relationships and social interactions, ‘doing music, and dance and drama and Visual Art’ supports wider educational achievement (Callcott, Miller, & Wilson-Gahan, 2012).