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Hello and Welcome to all our new and existing kindy room families.

Coming to the end of the year we are getting very busy. We have had some changes within our kindy room with many new friends moving up and new teachers within our kindy room. We would love to welcome Kat and Courtney our new kindy teachers along with Jaimie (team leader) and Varsha. We decided to strip everything right back and start at our basics for all our new kindy friends to come in and feel safe secure and supported within our environment. We have created a safe and engaging environment where our kindy’s can explore and get creative.

We have made many bonds and close relationships with all children and educators and Have made some memories that will last forever. Over the next few months, we will be focusing and exploring around the world starting with India as next week we will be focusing of the celebration of Diwali.

Each day we also spend an hour with our school readiness program learning our numeracy and literacy and everyday life skills. Each fortnight we focus on one letter exploring that letter and the sound it makes. We have also been practicing our counting which many of our Kindy’s have really taken on and picked up super well.

We cannot wait for an amazing next few months in our Kindy room with many experiences and activities for the children to come and go as they please. All of our Kindy peers and Educators can’t wait for Christmas and getting ready for our Kindy’s graduation. Hearing children’s voices on what they enjoy and like to bring within the room. Our Kindy educators are hard dedicated workers that are extremely passionate about their job and being a part of each individuals child’s early years of learning. We are one big family!