Kindy September Updates

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Kindy September Updates

Hello to all families and a welcome to all new families that have transitioned up from our Pre Kindy room. We are so thrilled to have new friends with us and get to know all of you.

As of late in our Kindy room, we have been learning about space and the solar system as some of our friends have shown a real interest in learning about the world around us and how we can care for our planet, we even learnt a space song! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F2prtmPEjOc

Next we then learnt about emergency services and how our community helpers how they can serve and protect us in our community. Police officers, doctors/paramedics, and Firefighters, we even made a giant fire truck out of recycled cardboard to be displayed in our room which was a group effort to paint. For a while we had our own doctors waiting room that the Kindy children were able to bandage, care and take notes and be ‘real doctors’. We dressed up and used all our correct PPE like gloves and safety glasses, took notes on our clip boards and typed them into our ‘computer’ before calling them into the doctors room. What clever children!

We are now focusing on our letters and sounds, this week we are doing the letter O so we have had group discussions about what things in our environment that start with O and even made some beautiful craft that is displayed on our story boards. A owl with feathers, an octopus with pipe cleaner legs and a space for the children’s voices.


You may have noticed the new room changes, we hope you enjoy the upgrades 😊

Many Thanks from

Rhi and the kindy team