Kindy Room Families!

Kindy Room Families
Posted on March 15 2021 Categories: ,

Hello and Welcome to all our new and existing Kindy Room Families!

Coming into a new year we have had many changes within our Kindy Room: quite a few new friends moving into our wonderful room and lots of transitions going on each week.

We decided to strip everything right back, go back to basics and focus on building warm and reciprocal relationships with your lovely children. Our goal is for all our new Kindy friends to come in and feel safe secure and supported within our environment. We have created a safe and engaging space where our Kindy children can explore and get creative.

It is wonderful to get to know all children and their personalities individually, their likes, dislikes and how they learn best within our environments. We know how important all this is for them to really thrive and learn. Many new bonds and close relationships are being established with all children and educators as well as some long-lasting memories.

Over the next few months, we will be focusing on the topic of animals, which we will break down into the following categories: Jungle Animals, Farm Animals, Ocean Animals and more. We will be looking into individual animals their families and life cycles. Each day we also spend an hour with our school readiness program learning our numeracy and literacy and everyday life skills. Each fortnight we focus on one letter its sound and explore it in detail. We have also been practicing our counting which many of our Kindy have really taken on and picked up super well. Budding Builders is on offer and we have some fantastic electronic kits (safe of course) for our children as part of us embracing STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Art Maths) We cannot wait for an amazing year in our Kindy Room with many experiences and activities for the children to come and go as they please and hearing children’s voices on what they enjoy and like to bring to  the room. Our Kindy educators are hard dedicated workers that are extremely passionate about their job and being a part of everyone child’s early years of learning.

We are one big family!