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Kindy (4 years to 5 years)

Kindy – 4 to 5 years
Fun, warmth and a supportive environment help make your child’s kindy  (4 years to 5 years) experience the vital link to successful schooling.

“Nothing is left to chance to make sure your child is school ready”

At Leap Start Early Learning Child Care every decision we make is geared towards giving your child the RIGHT foundation for success at primary school.

You can expect your child to…

  • Enjoy a fun, warm and supportive environment
  • Develop resilience, independence and self-esteem so they cope with the changes ahead
  • Become school ready under the instruction of our fully qualified Early Childhood Education specialists.

For parents who want to give their children the best start in life so they develop a lifelong love of learning and are confident and school ready, Leap Start is fast becoming a centre of choice.

Using both the EYLF and the WA Kindergarten Curriculum Guidelines, children experience a program designed to develop skills for a lifelong love of learning.

The Kindy classroom is set up in learning areas so that all children can explore, experiment and investigate with the carefully chosen resources in 1-on-1 teaching, small group and whole group sessions, in part similar to what they will experience in pre-primary.

Our day includes…

  • a morning mat session
  • time to explore our specifically designed learning centres
  • number time
  • literacy
  • a yoga and meditation session
  • free play


Your child will also enjoy

  • The LITTLE SYMPHONIES music program
  • Our CREATIVE ARTS, PERFORMING ARTS and SECOND LANGUAGE PROGRAMS, outdoor and indoor play incorporating nature and sustainability, and safe risk taking
  • Our strong emphasis on physically participating as individuals, in small groups and within the whole group
  • Excursions into the community
  • Community guests into the classroom

Yes, it’s a fun place to be where every child is recognised for their individuality

Our curriculum has the added benefit of helping children develop resilience to cope with the big changes they face during their transition to school.

We place emphasis on encouraging independence, building self-esteem, and developing effective social skills that allow children to cooperate and negotiate with their peers.

During number time your child experiences activities that allow them to count, to recognise and arrange items, sort and match objects, to create patterns, to measure and weigh items and to begin to use mathematical language such as ‘more’, ‘less’ and ‘the same as’.

For literacy, children build on the skills taught thus far including letter and sound recognition, name writing and recognition of sight words in what can only be described as a “print rich” environment.

For example, around the room many forms of literature are explored including poems, recipes, letters, newspapers, stories, alphabet charts and audio stories. We provide many opportunities for reading, storytelling and discussions.

Because of the quality programme on offer, the Kindy room has a limited number of vacancies. Enrol now to avoid disappointment. Contact us today (08) 9414 7165 or Info@LeapStartChildcare.com.au

Yes, we are committed to being as proactive as possible to fully prepare your child for a smooth transition to Year 1

Critical Kindy Learning Component Local School Kindy Kindy at Leap Start
WA Kindy Curriculum Guidelines followed
Early Years Learning Framework (EYLF) followed
“Exceeding” rating
A trained Early Childhood Teacher (ECT)
Small student to Educator ratio (Can be as high as 30 children to 2 Educators) (Max 20 children 20 2 Educators)
Award winning playground
Creative Arts Program, Performing Arts Program, Learning Mandarin as a second Language
Hours of operation 6.30 to 6pm (9am – 3pm) (6.30am – 6pm)
Meals provided (including breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea: all inclusive of allergies)
Sibling interaction
Able to drop off/pick up children in one location
Allowed to give your child a “hug” goodbye and hello
Welcome to the Family Pack
OVERALL “Pass” mark “A” Standard
Children also learn through…
  • Care for and use of our two organic garden beds to plant, nurture, harvest and cook produce
  • Shared kitchen area with sinks, fridges, freezers, microwave oven and dishwasher is utilised for fully supervised cooking activities which children just love – incorporates life skills such as setting the table and washing up
  • The immaculate learning environment inside and out thanks to our professional cleaners and gardener – all children are encouraged to do their part to keep their area clean and sustainable
  • Individual lockers encourage taking responsibility for their belongings, and ample storage ensures learning are tidy when required
  • Information board above the lockers keeps you informed of the day’s activities and upcoming events

The Kindy classroom is set up in learning areas so that all children can explore kindy experience, experiment and investigate with the carefully chosen resources in 1-on-1 teaching, small group and whole group sessions both at our facility and in the community.

Nothing is left to chance to ensure your child is fully prepared for school.

Daily Communication

We understand one of your greatest interests is how well your child or baby fits into their away from home care environment, and what they do each day. So we make every effort to keep you informed:
Daily communication #1 – Information Board

At the end of every day you’ll see a summary of what your child did and, when the activity permits, photos of them in action (this provides a general summary of what your child has done however, please be aware, logistically it may not be possible to photograph every child every day). Located above the lockers, this is also an important communication tool for upcoming events and any parent notices.

Daily Communication #2 – Emails every afternoon

A summary of what appears on the Information Board is emailed to you to read each afternoon so you are kept up to date.

This is very satisfying for parents because it gives you an insight into what your child has said, done, and experienced during their day. Parents appreciate this is a fantastic way to keep you in touch with how your child is involved, and makes the whole child care process so much more fun and informative for you.

Our educators love to capture these moments to share with the parents each day.

Be assured…

Your child will experience a warm, welcoming and loving atmosphere where they can grow and flourish in a safe, clean and supportive environment with new and exciting facilities and curriculum.

And you’ll see for yourself… each morning them running out the door because they can’t wait to get to all the fun learning they love at Leap Start!!

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