Introduction to Environmental Art

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Environmental Art: For World Environment Day, we decided to focus on Andy Goldsworthy’s art sculptures. The children explored the natural materials set up on the table which included hay and dried water hyacinth, attempting to create their own bird nest after observing Andy Goldsworthy’s work. They suggested that sticks would be the best material to create a strong bird nest and went on a stick hunt in the garden.

Environmental Art

They kept themselves engaged in a spontaneous environmental art experience as they pushed the sticks they found into the soil, announcing that they will be setting up a tent here.

One of the children rubbed two sticks together and told his peers that this is how the people a long, long time ago made fire.

The children collaborated and worked together beautifully towards this shared goal. The banana tree nearby piqued their interest as they start discussing if they could use the leaves or stem for their tent. They harvested some dried stem skin off the banana tree and exclaimed that these will be the perfect roof for the tent!

The question asked by Emilia: “Can we draw or paint on this?” inspired a new experience which involved us searching for the perfect paper substitute.

The children walked around with their peers and harvested a bit of everything from the garden. They experimented on various leaves and stems they collected by painting, drawing and even cutting them. In the end, they’ve concluded that dried tiger grass and banana stem skin felt the most “paper-like”.

Through this spontaneous but meaningful experience, it is evident that children resourced their own learning through connecting with nature. They also developed a range of skills and processes such as problem solving, enquiry, experimentation and investigation. Their excellent social and language skills can be observed through their respectful interactions with each other.

Our learning journey in environmental art continues when Salim asked if paint could come from trees too…