Hi I’m Sharree

Posted on August 22 2022 Categories: , ,

Hi I’m Sharree

Hi wonderful families most of you already know Me as I have worked in the centre for 2 years now and with many of your children and I’m excited to let you all know I will be taking in some our fantastic programs we offer.

I will be taking on Budding Builders, Little Flexors and Farmyard Friends and continue to do the music when Christina is not there.

I have started already with the Budding Builders with many of the children who have been working hard on their father’s day presents which we will keep secret until then but I’m sure all the dads will love and be proud of!

The children also helped to build the new Guinea Pig hutch which will be home to our 3 new pet friends Chai, Latte and Mocha who will join our Leap Start family very soon and we can’t wait to meet them.

I will be working in each room doing some relaxing stretches with the children which will focus on physical development and cognitive development whilst promoting a sense of calmness and relaxation.

I will continue to do music in the outdoor areas in the afternoons when the weather is permitting as all the children really enjoy this and I know parents love to see their children involved and dancing away when they arrive to pick up their child and even a few join in which is great to see.

I’m looking forward to work with all children in the centre and can’t wait to see all of their amazing creations and supporting numerous developmental progressions.