Hi I’m Kelly and I’m the Food Coordinator

Food Coordinator
Posted on April 28 2022 Categories: , , , ,

Hi I’m Kelly and I’m the food coordinator here at Leap Start Early Learning alongside Noelle the food coordinator for Southern River.

I hold a food safe certificate and a diploma in early childhood.

I have a husband and 3 children 14, 7 and 1, in my spare time we love to go camping and explore WA, my favourite place visited being Exmouth, its definitely a must if you haven’t visited there.

In the kitchen at Leapstart, we do our absolute best to cater for all,

We have introduced red bowls for the high- risk children with anaphylaxis, and blue for any intolerances to help keep our children safe, while having meals with their friends.

We have also introduced labels for the children with anaphylaxis that go on top of there bowls when served so all children and staff Know it is safe for those high-risk children.

We order our products from Woolworths and the Spud shed and do thorough checks of all items for there ingredients, as you could image a lot of work goes into keeping ALL of our children safe, with nutritional based meals morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

We base our meal planning around the seasons and cultural diversity, allowing our children to explore different flavours from around the world we live in.

We have a fresh herb garden at the front of the centre we use in the cooking and have recently grown our own oyster mushrooms and used them in our carbonara dish, that the children really enjoyed.

If you have any suggestions for our menu, or have a yummy traditional dish you make at home we are always happy to hear about them, even adding them to our menu for all our children to try, It may be a winner.

Looking forward to hearing your suggestions soon

Kelly XX