Hello to you all!

Hello to you All
Posted on June 15 2020 Categories: , , , , ,

I hope that you’re well when you’re this reading this and that your loved ones are safe and well!

What a time it’s been- so many changes for everyone to deal with and adjust to.

Our Leap Start Team dealt with everything well beyond my wildest expectations:

Early on we implemented very stringent hygiene measures, reassured our parents, and created online content for our Facebook page and group to stay in touch with our Leap Start family

We’re very excited about what we’ve created, check our Facebook page out: https://www.facebook.com/leapstartearlylearningchildcare/, and please join our Facebook group- You’ll meet our wonderful educators reading stories, singing songs and doing crafts for our children, tips and ideas for all kinds of things, but also meet our families at their homes.

You just have to watch our educators’ sing and dance in three videos to Disney music that has gone viral.

We even came 5th in the Telethon DancingTogether Competition with one of them! https://www.facebook.com/327499460753775/posts/1200516250118754/

Our Art Studio has been completed and we have a Visual Arts and Performing Arts Program with Dance and Musical Performance lessons, amazing Art Installations and Projects as well as daily Art sessions.

Mandarin is now being taught daily through embedded interactions. It’s impressive how quickly children pick up a new language!

Altogether we run 5 (!) Specialist Programs:

Little Symphonies – Daily Music Sessions with our very own music

Symphony Singers – Weekly Musical Performance classes

Little Steppers –         Weekly Dance classes

Artificent Tots –          Daily Art Programme

Little Lingo Learners- Daily embedded Mandarin experiences

I can’t praise our team enough – instead of being negative and just waiting for whatever might happen next, they have seized the opportunity to create something different and new, improve our centre and grow closer as a team.


From all of us here at Leap Start a warm welcome to our returning and new Leap Start family members.