Hello to all of our Wonderful Families

Posted on June 30 2022 Categories: , ,

I can’t believe that we’re already here in June. We have been thriving through the summer here a Leap start and now into the winter we’ve been very busy on creating wonderful spaces for the children to learn with and focus on their own interests. With our 8 specialist programs were never short of any ideas for the children to do.

Hello to all of our Wonderful Families

The little Steppers class has been going fantastic and keeping us warm whilst dancing outside but also teaching the children to dance, be active and focusing on their confidence and building relationships with their peers. As Assistant Director I’m mostly out the front working behind the scenes doing my job role, but lately I’ve been more present on the floor and present looking at some of the wonderful ideas our educators have been doing.

Nursery 2 bringing in some history with Aboriginal Culture. Painting in certain colours using wood bark and Cones, exploring different ways to do such a lovely activity.


Our passionate staff are always thinking outside the box giving lifetime experiences for our children. I’ve also attached a picture of my son Louie who loves to be in the kitchen with me so it’s so nice to see him in the kitchen area practising his cooking skills in role play at day care, giving him that sense of belonging at Leap Start.

We are unique and thrive on what we have to offer which shows in our centre on a daily basis. I feel very grateful to be part of such a special Centre and amazing team.

Thank you