Hello to All of our Wonderful Families

Hello to All of our Wonderful Families
Posted on October 19 2020 Categories: ,

Oh boy have we been busy, we have had so many wonderful families join our community within the last month and it has been such a pleasure getting to know them and their families. We love being able to learn different things about our families, their culture and develop personal and exciting relationships. We have also had the opportunity to show new potential families around the service and showcase our personal relationships with the children. We love having new people come by and have a tour of the centre and show off the variety of different programs that we do run and get to know more people within our community.

Our amazing Educators have been taking the time to get to know our beautiful new children interacting with them and making them feel welcome in their new room. It also assists in them settling easier into the room as this is new environment for them and gives them a chance to make new relationships with other children too.

Our new drink bottles have been a huge hit with the children, they love being able to make their own personalised name tag that is then transferred onto the drink bottle. They have been showing their friends and Educators saying “Look Hip Hops on my drink bottle”

leapstart bottle

Through our social media pages we have seen what our families have been getting up to when not at Leap Start. Some of our wonderful families have even been sharing what their children have learnt through our specialist programs at the centre. These children have been showing their families how they say different emotions in Mandarin and Thank you in sign language. It’s so wonderful to see that they have adapted what they have learnt at Leap Start and adapted it within the home environment.