Harper Room

Harper Room
Posted on July 18 2021 Categories: , , , ,

So what’s been happening in Harper Room.

Well our truly terrific toddlers have been developing their self help and self care skills and not only that ,they have learnt to help and care for others and this is beyond all expectation so we are so proud and we love watching the children show care towards their friends and it shows in the relationships between the children and the bonds they are developing within the room!

Our children have been demonstrating empathy for others within the room and identifying other children’s emotions, some of the children have been asking the Educators “Why are they upset?” being able to identify that there is something wrong with a child and wanting to know what is going on. Our children are very inquisitive with what goes on around them and they are always eager to learn more along the way.

Children have been learning the days of the week and we will extend this to learning about the weather as the children have shown an interest in it by asking “Where does rain come from” and “What makes the trees move”

Our toddlers love music so everyday we always bring music into the room and incorporate with our daily routines or curriculum wherever possible and it really lightens up the room. The children really enjoy getting up and dancing and it’s a good way to burn energy and set the mood for the day aswell as learning some valuable lessons through the music. The excitement the children have when our wonderful music teacher Christina walk in the room is magical, they all come running to see what they will be moving and grooving to.

We look forward to seeing how far out toddler can develop with there learnings as already they have exceeded all expectations. Go Toddys!