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Harper Room News: Hello to all our Harper families and to all the new families of children who have transitioned from the Nursery Hub.

Harper Room News

During the month of September, the educators focused on teaching the children about Health and Hygiene. A purpose of implementing this program for our Harper children was to promote children’s understanding of maintaining a healthy lifestyle and promoting children to take increasing responsibility for their own health and physical wellbeing. To begin with this learning area the educators started off with introducing healthy eating habits. Through interactive mat sessions and using visual aids the children were taught about the different food groups and how to maintain a balanced diet.

Extending from the learning area, the educators also followed on with involving the children to learn about their bodies. Using a map of the human body the children were taught about the human body and discussed about the different organs, what each organ does and where the organs are in the body. Additionally, the children were also taught the importance of following hygiene practices such as hand washing and teeth cleaning as a vital daily practice for taking care of their body.

The toddler children also had the opportunity to participate in an Incursion from Indigenous Community member. The children had the privilege of meeting Greg who is a proud member from an Indigenous heritage. Greg shared his knowledge about his culture and discussed about the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people’s connection to Country, local land, and place.   Greg brought in local artifacts and natural resources used by the Indigenous people and discussed about the purpose of these and how they were used as medicinal herbs and for burning purpose. The children also had the opportunity to touch and feel the kangaroo skin and through story sharing learnt how the local Indigenous community connected with nature and Country. Through this community incursion the children had the opportunity to acknowledge the Traditional Custodians of Country throughout Australia and recognize the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples continuing connection to lands, waters and communities.


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