Harper Room – Hello Harper Families !

Harper Room
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Harper Room – Hello Harper families !

Welcome to August, lets hope the weather starts to brighten up so that we are able to do lots more exploring in our outdoor environment.

Within our room we have been introducing our children to lots of different new practises, one of these being progressive meal times and what a different we can see! Instead of being told when they must eat a meal, children are free to make decisions based on their own needs (i.e., their hunger levels or immersion in a play activity), and are recognised as ‘active participants’ in their own education and care.

Harper Room

Educators make sure children feel welcome at the dining table, when they are ready and also approach with gentle reminders to the children whom are still actively engaged in an activity. This has helped a lot of our children as the smaller groups at meal times seem to have allowed a calm and relaxing meal time where they can eat at their own pace and not all the room are sat around the tables together, alos the approach to meal times are a lot more positivite for the children.

Our Project for the month of August is all about the human body, so far we have looked into the names of te outside of our body and our children have expressed their high knowledge of their bodies. We have a growing display within our harper room showing the different activities that we have been doing. We will be looking into our bones and organs next over the next few weeks and hope to extend this to healthy eating and people who help us.

Reminder that we will now be sending home all of your childrens bed sheets at the end of their week to be washed and bought back when they are next with us.


We can’t wait to see what August has in store.


From Miss Jenna Miss Neha and Miss Viv