Harmony Week in the Art Studio

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In the art studio, we have been working on a giant canvas inspired by celebrations and events around the world. For Rio Carnival, the children learned about the flag of Brazil by using its colours to paint on the right side of the large canvas.

Harmony Week in the Art Studio

For the Holi celebration, we made a cornflour-based paints which allowed us to have an interesting sensory painting experience on the left side of the canvas. The leftover paints were then left to dry and turned into powder to be used on Holi.

Art Studio

In correlation to Harmony week at Leap Start, we have decided to experiment positive and negative space by cutting out human silhouettes and spraying dilute acrylic paint onto our silhouette, revealing the negative space we made. Throughout the experience, the children practised their hand eye coordination, fine motor skills and hand muscle strength through using scissors and spray bottles.

During the process, we talked about the definition of diversity and what makes us similar/ different from each other. Interesting opinions, ideas and suggestions sparked from our discussions as we made our mark on the canvas, symbolizing our understanding and respect in diversity.

We also set up a painting area with skin tone palettes and diversity themed provocations. This allowed children to learn more about themselves and others around them in a respectful manner. We briefly discussed about countries, race and ethnicity as we referred to the world map. The children were eager to share stories of their families and where they were from.

Some of the children brought up some interesting ideas and suggestions like asking their friends to make the same pose as the printed illustrations, displaying excellent social and communication skills. As we painted, we shared our similarities and differences in our appearances and lifestyles, allowing us to have open and respectful conversations with one another.