Harmony Room

Harmony Room
Posted on July 22 2021 Categories: , , ,

Hello families, friends, and relatives of the children within the Harmony Room.

I would first like to introduce myself, my name is Maddy, and I have been in the Harmony room for the last 3 weeks while Carron has been away. I have had such a wonderful time getting to know your beautiful children. We have been focusing on getting to know each child and what they can do and what their interested in.  If you are currently working on anything at home or have noticed that your child has a new interest, feel free to share it with one of our fellow educators so that we can implement it into the room.

Over the last week we have changed the indoor environment to accommodate for the children who are learning to walk and support them in learning this new skill. We celebrated mud day by creating mud for the children to explore which was very messy and we also placed some mud in zip lock bags for the children who did not want to get messy. We also celebrated NAIDOC week by creating a sensory table and providing children with a free painting experience with the colours red, yellow, and black.

The children also had the opportunity to visit the art studio. While there the children engaged in chalk drawing, drawing with pencils, and exploring natural materials. We have been going on walks around the centre in the four-seater pram which the children have seemed to love as they have been able to watch the older children play and interact with their siblings.

I would like to kindly remind all families to please label your child’s belongings so that if lost they can be returned.

The upcoming events are:

  • Crazy hair day on Tuesday the 20th July
  • Pyjama day on the 4th of August
  • Red nose day disco on the 13th of August