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Harmony Room
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Our recent curriculum has been centred on building new and trusting relationships. As we have had lots of new friends join our Harmony family. In order to do this we have been closely observing emerging interests and children’s individual and common interests within the group. In doing this we noticed a few areas of interests. These included.

Updates: Harmony Room

Music- during these sessions we noticed a common interests as all of the children join in in different ways, from playing instruments, moving to the music and at times copying specific dance moves to action songs.

Sensory- during some art activities educators noticed some hesitation from some of the babies during hand painting, specifically to putting pant on our hands. This prompted us as educators to program extra send investigation in our planning. Which has been a great success and received very well by all the children. Some of these experiences included: gloop scented and non-scented playdough, sand both wet and dry and water play among others.
Building- using both giant Lego, foam, and small Lego the children have enjoyed all types of building blocks throughout the day. It was obvious to see as they continuously visited this area in the environment. We have had so much fun building and knocking tall towers, working together, taking turns and helping one another. This encourages some beautiful social interactions through play.

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