Harmony Room Activities Update

Posted on July 14 2023 Categories: , , ,

Harmony Room Update

Recently we have welcomed Sandeep to our Harmony room. Over the last few weeks she has created beautiful bonds with the babies getting to know their routines and individual personalities.

Our recent projects have included: “This is me”, this involved experiences where the children investigated their reflections and faces, in the mirror and from photos. Together we identified the features of our faces and explored expressions by making funny faces while looking in the mirror and selfie mode on the I pad. We also looked at photos of our friends, identifying each one by name.

~ Mirror play is also a way to nurture your child’s developing self-awareness, which is a key part of their overall social emotional development.

With Naidoc week being 2nd-9th of July we set up some different experiences for the children to explore and exposed to some of the indigenous culture, wooden figures, flags and painting to name but a few.

NAIDOC WEEK plays a vital and unique role in coming together of many Australians from diverse backrounds and nationalities- joining together to celebrate Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture as the oldest living continuing culture on the planet.