HARLOW – Project Based Learning

Posted on April 10 2023 Categories: ,

What an awesome start to the year! Here in the Harlow room, we’ve been really focused on our routines and ensuring that all children are settled and enjoying their time at Leap Start.

HARLOW – Project Details

Our project focus over the past couple of months has been construction and exploring colors as we found this was an intense interest within the room, for a while we joined the above topics to create a link between the 2 and it has been beneficial for each child’s development and learning. We set up a range of provocations and engaging experiences for the children to explore and it’s been great observing such enthusiasm from our Harlow children with participating and getting involved.

Another project we’ve been really working on is our days of the week. It started as a spontaneous interaction which quickly evolved into daily mat sessions and singalongs. Learning the days of the week has been great for our children to understand the different routines and experiences on different days, also acknowledging when their peers/friends are at daycare and the days they attend too. We are excited to see more progress with this.

We have just had a full room makeover as we found the environment needed a change, this has had an extremely positive impact on daily routines and the level of engagement of the children. We are always open to suggestions so if there is anything you guys would like to change or have an idea for any areas in the room, please let us know and we can implement this.

We have just finished our week of Easter activities; the children have been getting involved with plenty of festive experiences and decorating our room with special creations.

From all of the Educators in the Harlow room, Happy Easter!