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Harlow News
Posted on September 30 2022 Categories: , , , ,

Harlow News

Hello 😊

Firstly, I would like to start by saying a huge thank you to all our parents and families for always being so respectful and understanding, we’ve had a bit of a rough patch lately with staffing but can assure everyone that we are figuring it out and always thinking of the best interest of your children. So again, thank you!

For the last few months we have been learning about the Alphabet, utilising resources and setting up activities to enhance language development and use of communication skills. We have worked through letters A – E so far, with the children participating in educational experiences that were based on evolving interests and preferred methods of learning.

Once we were satisfied with the learning, we branched off the letter E to Emotions to assist the children with exploring their interests, thoughts, and ideas in terms of the different emotions and how we feel in different situations. The children loved this project topic and demonstrated great care for others and their feelings, confidence, self-awareness, and an understanding of regulating and managing emotions, big or small.

Please feel free to check out the curriculum wall we have in the room, we always display the daily learning as well as the project focus for the fortnight and magic moments. We would also like to encourage and welcome all families to provide any feedback about the room. Is there anything you would like to see happening differently in our room? The set ups? The routine? Are there any activities that your children really enjoy at home that we could implement here at Leap Start? Let us know!


Kind Regards,

Charmaine, Mauli, Ranji, Simone and Shonique