Guiding the Children through Day to Day

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I would love to introduce myself I am  Tamsin, I have worked here at Leapstart for 7 years today and still find myself having a blast on top of showing my inner child and being silly .

Guiding the Children

The most rewarding part would have to be guiding the children through day to day skills and achieving their like goals through safe and secure environments that is built from the child’s interests and to capturing those goals and achievements.

I have a great team along side me who are Kaylee , Astrid , Asha and Sarah who are amazingly talented and share that passion to help little minds grow .

We are so lucky to have a wonderful age group where we can learn and create from , recently we have had some construction ongoing on the roads outside the center , children have been coming in asking questions and have been wanting to go watch the diggers in action.

This was when we asked the children together from two of the options that they decided if they wanted to have construction in the room or a home corner .
Of course they all shouted out “construction” and then all those different names of diggers had begun “ excavator” “digger” “dump truck”.

They are all also enjoying the investigations about dinosaurs as this was a spontaneous activity that then interested others and became a learning environment for all to explore.

Not realising how many of the children know of  the names of the dinosuars and having that knowledge there.

For all our projects we have been encouraging some self help skills also as they start to grow and gain more knowledge of day to day experiences and that they become curious and enthusiastic with role playing and imitating of their educators and family members at home , through fine motor skills to putting on their own clothing on they have been enjoying to get to know new things aswell as teaching us new tips and tricks about them each day.

We are excited and enthusiastic when it comes to events and challenges within the center as we all work as a team and all use each others unique ideas and talents through children’s imaginations and  listening to their thoughts and feelings.

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