Furniture Build

Furniture Build
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In collaboration with me, B, Christian from Crafted Wood has been designing customized furniture for Leap Start.

A second level for the Toddler room is currently build.

Children really wanted steps, so that’s what they get- however Christian has taken the design to a totally different level:

Not only has he designed a play structure that offers children hidey-holes, steps, a platform to look through the kitchen window, but also a cradle, garages, beds, a cradle a seesaw, and countless other open ended play possibilities.

The body will be built from beautiful birch ply and the top will be solid native wood.

This way we embed the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Maths) approach as children learn what these timbers feel, look and smell like and how heavy or light they are.

We can’t wait to see this installed in Toddler 1, our Harlow Room!

Christian is also working on a piece of furniture uniquely designed for Leap Start based on an idea I had years ago, but never found anyone who could understand her vision and build it accordingly – beautiful, open ended yet purposeful.

We called it the House on Wheels.

Christian contacted me unsure about the number, size, shape, and safety of the windows to be in the house.

So, Rachel, our wonderful Art Teacher asked the children what they thought.

Here is their input:

Madison, Kai, and Mitchell: “Put a table inside, so we can have dinner on it”.

Diya:” We should put fairy lights inside to turn it into a quiet section.”

Sophia:” A square window because that is what a window is supposed to look like.”

Tristan:” Lots of circle windows on the wall. It looks like a cheese house!”

Madison:” Hear shaped window and a tiny hole so can peek at my friends.”

Olivia S:” Heart shaped windows because I like hearts”

Mitchell:” Cat flap under the door to get in and out.”

Rani:” We can put a kitchen in it with tables and chairs”.

They even built a model for Christian, so he knew exactly what they wanted for the House on Wheels.


 I love your ideas and can’t wait to see the finished product!!