Festive Season at Leap Start

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Wonderful Festive Season at Leap Start

Our wonderful staff keep surprising me with their fun-tastic ideas, support and enthusiasm in all they do!

It was not different during the Festive Season:

So many beautiful experiences were set up for our children to celebrate Diwali, and staff who celebrate Diwali at home, shared delicious homemade food with the whole team.

They made the traditional St. Martin lantern parade with the members of our German Community Playgroup even more fun and bringing their own family along, embraced cultural diversity and helped making it the wonderful event it was.

Festive Season at Leap Start

We held three Holiday Season/End of Year/ Christmas parties (one for each age group as we planned them during COVID and weren’t sure if and for how many people we could have such an event) all of which ran like clockwork. Staff helped each other, made our families feel welcome, provided them with yummy food, supported children during their Christmas concert and made sure Santa found his way to us alright and without delay.

Santa’s Workshop, built with our children, turned out to be truly magical. The most stunning tree decorations were created with native leaves, staff got children to draw about their Festive Season celebrations at home and together with the children they decorated Leap Start in creative and unusual ways, making this special time memorable for them.

Our ever so talented” Happiness Team” shot another fabulous, funny, happy, yet still very festive, Christmas video to the tune of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”, spreading much needed Christmas cheer. You can view it here: https://fb.watch/2skHq15vWg/

Festive Season at Leap Start

I am so very happy to be a member of this amazing team!

We are such a multicultural and diverse group of people, not only respecting each other’s and our families’ cultures, but also truly embracing each other’s diversity and culture, supporting each other and most importantly loving our profession!

Wishing you all a very happy Festive Season and a healthy, happy and fulfilled 2021!