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Educational Leader – Leap Start Early Learning Childcare

Hey Everyone,

Can you believe we’re in May already!? Where did the first half of the year go!

I hope it’s been amazing for you all, because it sure has been amazing for us here at Leap Start.

Over the past few months I have been working on building strong relationships with all the children and families at Leap Start to ensure you all feel safe, secure and supported within the care of Leap Start Early Learning and to get to know everyone on a more personal level.

I have loved being able to see all the children’s smiling faces throughout the days and the great big hugs I get when they first see me, as well as all the excited stories and news I get told and being able to have a laugh and chat with the families.

Educational Leader

Also over the past few months I have been busy building relationships with the educators and working in partnerships with each one of them to ensure our curriculum and documentation is the best it can be with as many different learning possibilities and opportunities to enrich all children’s learning styles and interests. Every educator ensures all children receive the appropriate support and guidance all throughout the day and especially in their learning to enhance their knowledge, as well as take great pride in their teaching and activities that are done with the children and further developing on all children’s knowledge and skills with each activity.

Each room has been busy with lots of different activities that embed our specialist educational programs as well as lot of different calendar of events that we have been participating in including;

  • Chinese New year
  • Valentine’s Day
  • St Patrick’s Day
  • Easter
  • Anzac Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • And lots more, with lots more to come.


Miss Emma and Miss Christina have been developing amazing dance and music sessions getting the children ready for their mid year show case, and the educators have been continuing these amazing sessions throughout their busy day in the rooms!

Adele and I have been encouraging all our little bodies in our care to engage in some “Little Flexers” focusing on regrouping our thoughts and emotions and focusing on stretching out our little muscles and working on our breathing. This is a beautiful little session that has been taking place on our shaded grass area. The children have demonstrated that they love doing this, copying each move Adele and I do and even adding in their own moves that we all try and recreate!

Educational Leader



The days are always busy and there’s always something fun and exciting happening but please feel free to come and see me in the Educational Leader Office for any concerns or needs that you feel may need to be addressed or even a hello.

My door is always open and I am always willing to listen and embed new strategies and ideas!


Educational Leader