Drawing Machines

drawing machines
Posted on February 15 2022 Categories: , , ,

In the art studio, we have been exploring new art techniques through various drawing machines like pantographs, spinning tops, pendulum and wind machines.

From the experiences, the children were exposed to physics through art as they learned principles like motion, gravity, momentum and inertia.

Some of the artists we focused for this curriculum include Callen Schaub who is recognized for his vibrant paintings using natural forces and machines in an innovative way to produce contemporary art as well as Jackson Pollock who was widely noticed for his “drip technique” of pouring or splashing liquid household paint onto a horizontal surface, enabling him to view and paint his canvases from all angles.

The children were mesmerised by how the pantograph works as it copies what they drew but in a smaller scale. The children had an interesting discussion, expressing their opinions on how the machine works. The swing art experience piqued the children’s curiosity as they watched how the swinging gum nuts and branches with charcoal created beautiful markings on paper. Some of them tried to create their own swing art machine using the gum nuts and charcoal provided on the table. The swing art experience expanded on a larger scale when the children decided to recreate the pendulum machine after watching a video of Callen Schaub at work. We experimented with paint of different viscosity and observe how it affects the outcome of the splatter and distance between the splatters. It was an interesting experiment from both scientific and artistic point of view.


It was refreshing to see how children make meaning of their own learning through various ways of creating art. They’ve displayed independence as they were able to help themselves with art resources provided without any assistance. Creativity is evident throughout the month as they discovered unique methods and techniques all by themselves. Their amazing imagination and storytelling abilities can also be seen on their artworks.