Director’s Blog August 2023

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What a great month we’ve had!!!
We have been participating in fundraising where we have been able to show our support to some great causes.
Leap start educators and children were able to dress up in their pyjamas to show our support for children in foster care.
This week we will be dressing in jeans to show our support for genes for genes day.
Our kind owners have also decided to match the amount we are able to raise at the centre.
Let’s show our support and spread love, always!

More exciting news:

We are currently looking at revamping our already beautiful backyard! The team and children have proved input and we will be adding new and improved pieces to our environments! Stay tuned

Parent information:

We understand you don’t want to have little ones to be unwell, and neither do we, however Leap Start have a strict policy regarding the health and safety of the children and educators in our care.
Whilst we understand that we want each of the children, educators and members in the community happy, strong and striving, we will always update you with any outbreaks or illness.
Leap Start are lucky to have cleaners 6 days a week to ensure we do the absolute most to keep our cleanliness standards as our highest priority to protect you all
Please keep an eye for information on the following apps:
Kidsoft/ Instagram and Facebook!

Thank you-

And please feel free to come and chat to one of my friendly staff regarding any queries, we would be more than happy to help.
With love Ange x