Da Jia Hao (Hello Everyone)

Da Jia Hao
Posted on September 5 2022 Categories: , ,

The language journey for our Little Lingo Learners in Mandarin is improving, and children are getting confident day by day. It has been scientifically proven that learning a second language improves cognitive development, concentration level and problem solving skills. Children portrayed these skills throughout the journey as they demonstrated memory retention from the new words they have learned.

In the past, we have had discussed about the name for animals. Children sang through the animal song before starting of each session. We then helped children revised the words that they have learnt through little game, for instance, Dog is known as “Gou” in Mandarin. Children engaged actively in each of the sessions, they participated by raising their hands up when being asked “what is this animal?”. Mini games like using swatter to hit picture card had been organised to promote learning through play. Sometimes, when children flipped a book and noticed familiar animals, for instance frog, they would immediately say “Qing Wa!“.

As the Mid Autumn festival is approaching soon, we also shared culture story reading with the children. We showed them different type of Lanterns. Instead of saying Lantern, we told them it’s “Deng Long”. Children were so intrigued and fascinated by it, they explored the button, material and structure precisely. In order to extent the learning, children were to expand their imagination in creating a lantern. Children even said “look at my Deng Long!”

As we can see from the learning progress, children have come a long way in learning language. They interact, learn and respect diversity. It is such a reward and pleasure to witness the improvement of each beautiful children. We will continue to work on and prepare for their lifelong skills.