The Relationship Between Children and the Frogs!

Posted on May 31 2022 Categories: , ,

Children and the Frogs: It has been 6 months since the frogs, Ruby and Lily join us at Leap Start. As a frog carer, I must say they are not the cutest animal I have ever met. They are soft, slimy, and cold; that is my first impression when I first hold them.

When the children see them at first sight, undoubtedly some of them are very exciting whereas some find them a bit, gross. Children are hesitated to see the frogs; they stand at a distance during the frog feeding session. When they visit the art room, children are encouraged to spray water mist on the frogs to keep them moist, as part of the relationship bonding and building their sense of caring and responsibility, day by day. The children pretty much see the frogs everyday when they come into the day care, the frogs are getting bigger each day.

Children and the Frogs

Nowadays, children can’t wait for the frog feeding session, they initiate if they can spray and touch the frogs. They know the body part of the frogs; they can even hold the frogs on their palm! How exciting! Fortuitously, the frogs never jump actively when they are surrounded by children, they always stay calm on the educator and children’s palm, but there’s another story when the carer takes the frogs home.

As an educator, it is pleased to witness such a big improvement on children and the frogs progressively. When they interact with the frogs, they build the sense of connection, empathy and caring. They feel a sense of responsibility and curious to find out more about the frogs. “Have the frogs eaten?” “There’s no more water on the frogs’ pond, should we add more?” “Can I touch the frog?” “Where is the frogs’ ear?” That’s the questions I always hear from children.

As from all the experiences, children learn that all living things need more than just food and water for survival. A pet brings increased sensitivity and awareness of the feelings and needs of others-both animals and humans. It instils children a sense of responsibility and respect for life. Last but not least, welcome to our Leap Start Family, Ruby and Lily.