Charlie, the LEGO Robot in the house!

Posted on May 23 2022 Categories: ,

LEGO is one of our STEAM based programs in Leap Start.

Herley and Kelsey, our both passionate Lego enthusiasts bring Charlie, our Lego Robot, to visit our children every week. Our children love Charlie so much, always laugh and have fun when Charlie is around!

Charlie, the LEGO Robot

Charlie shows our children what he is capable to perform: Drums playing, high fives, dancing, playing sports tricks etc. One of our favourite tricks from Charlie is about the Colour and Emotions – expressing different emotions expression based on colours detected by the sensor! Red makes him Angry, Green makes him Happy, Yellow makes him Shy. Once our children find that we can show him ANYTHING with colours and Charlie will react to it, they start getting excited about it. The children will look around their environment and try to bring something different such as their clothes, drink bottle, shoes, toys, anything they can find in the room to show Charlie. Children laugh and scream with their new exploration!

Our aim is to create a wonderful environment for children to use play to learn, investigate, explore, imagine, be creative, and collaborate with their peers to solve problems and contribute their amazing ideas to the creation of our robots. The introduction of Lego Mindstorm Robotic Kits enables children to share their ideas and we use these ideas on building the bricks, writing codes and then play!

In Leap Start, our children have the opportunities to gain practical knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Concepts. With a variety of different technologies, we as educators want to nurture them to explore, contribute ideas, predict, experiment, learn through play and help them to understand of this amazing world they are living in.

Now, we are  about to bring in another robot to our children. Maybe a robot named BLAST?