Thank you for scheduling your personal tour of our award-winning Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy.

Please allow 45 minutes to complete the tour.

We know your little ones will love all the fun and exciting educational activities we offer at our centre which is over 3,000 square metres in size.

From our purposely built architecturally designed outdoor play area to our new all-inclusive program, the “Accelerated Neuro Response (ANR)” education program, which is based on historical research of children’s development.

In fact, our “Accelerated Neuro Response (ANR)” education program is proven to enhance your child’s early development emotionally, spiritually and intellectually through “Music, Arts and Language”.

We even had renowned neuroscientist, Dr. Nathan Hageman MD. PhD., endorse the “Accelerated Neuro Response” (ANR) education program for the stimulation of early childhood development in a variety of cognitive, emotional, and social areas taking our program to a whole NEW level.

To our knowledge, no other child care has such an endorsement and high recognition.

With all that in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to reveal to you why Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy, with its unique, one of a kind “Little Symphonies” music based program and its award-winning nature play space is an excellent choice for your child.

A music-based program has proven benefits, however, to summarise, here are the advantages…

  1. Brain Development and Memory – active participation in music has been shown to develop multiple areas of the brain and boost memory skills
  2. Speech and Vocabulary – regular singing of songs not only enhances a child’s vocabulary, it also strengthens their communication skills
  3. Listening – singing in small groups develops both listening and comprehension skills, and helps aides the brain in the development of the ability to follow directions
  4. Fine Motor Skills – playing instruments and dancing to music is a great way to develop movement and co-ordination
  5. Sensory Engagement – all skills are practiced including viewing, touching, listening, verbalizing and moving for a total educational experience
  6. Love of Learning – in these formative years, the more a child learns to love learning the more chance they have to become authentic lifelong learners. Music gives them enjoyment, fun, love of life, relaxation, release of energy, and self-expression which are all enhanced through our ground-breaking curriculum.
  7. New 2020-2021 Program – Each and every year, we introduce to our unique “Little Symphonies” music based program, new music, new songs and new work books. All written and created especially for Leap Start Early Learning Child Care.

On top of our “Little Symphonies” music based program, your child’s development will flourish with our:

  1. Creative Arts Program (coloring, painting and craft activities) –Recent research by Southwestern Methodist University reveals that art is a form of emotional expression for children and indicates developing emotional intelligence (EI) is more important than IQ for success, health and happiness in life.
  2. Performing Arts Program (singing, percussion, maracas and dance)– Griffith University of Queensland reported that in Australia and many other countries around the world, art education is considered a significant aspect of early childhood education.
  3. Learning a Second Language (Bilingual) – A landmark study by Peal and Lambert that showed a general superiority of bilinguals (second language) over monolinguals (one language) in a wide range of intelligence tests and aspects of school achievement.
    It also showed that learning a second language is a positive force that enhances children’s cognitive and linguistic development.
  4. Yoga – is practised in all rooms every day based on age-appropriate exercises (for example in “Paradise” room (15 months to 2 years) we help children with individual stretching exercises whereas in the older rooms such as Kindy (4 to 5 years) they do poses such as stretching like a cat).
  5. Meditation – is an important part of daily routines as well, from relaxation music for sleep times in the younger rooms to more directed relaxation techniques at rest time in the older rooms.
  6. Real World – we believe keeping children in cotton wool does not prepare them fully for the real world, so we make every effort to ensure each day aligns to this vision within age appropriate levels.

As you can see, this is just a quick sample of why Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy is held in high esteem and why there are limited vacancies available at present.

So, if you need to reschedule your tour which is currently booked on…

please call one of the friendly team at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care and Kindy on 9414 7165 for Jandakot OR 6192 0111 for Southern River immediately to avoid disappointment.

We can’t wait to take you on your personal tour of this incredible state of the art facility so you can see the difference for yourself!

Yours Faithfully,

Ange Licata & Jacinta Van Sebille
Centre Directors
Leap Start Early Learning Child Care