Caterpillars and Firefighter (Huxley Room Activities)

Caterpillars and Firefighter (Huxley Room Activities)
Posted on July 13 2021 Categories: , ,

We have been very busy in Prekindy lately and the hot topic at the moment is caterpillars. The children were lucky enough to discover a caterpillar in one of our garden beds and it has been the topic of many very interesting conversations.

We are lucky enough to have some beautiful resources here at Leap Start so we have been able to set up a learning environment in the classroom for the children to explore. The children have been learning about the life cycle of a butterfly, and they love looking through the magnifying glasses and identifying the different stage of the cycle. The magnifying glasses are also great to take outside to look for live caterpillars and we have spent plenty of time out in the garden watching the caterpillars having a munch on a green leaf. We have collected a caterpillar from the garden and made a comfy home for him while we bring him into the classroom and have group discussions about what the caterpillar looks like and then used this information we gather to draw a caterpillar.

We had a fire drill last month and some of the children wanted to talk about this topic more. This has been the perfect opportunity to talk to the children in depth about what we do when there is fire and how we can stay safe. Firefighting dress ups are now a favourite and our educator Romona is a volunteer fire fighter and has bought in her fire fighting uniform to show the children so we will continue to expand on this topic going forward including a range of community helpers.

Self help skills has been another major focus in our room. We have been encouraging the children to serve their own meals, this means the children are becoming more aware of what they are putting on their plate and there seems to be less wastage. We have a few children that are toilet training at the moment so we have been sure to be consistent with the toilet routine including flushing the toilet and washing hands.

Our family tree is displayed in our room so please bring in a photo if you haven’t done so already. The children love to see the photos throughout the day 😊 Please remember a hat and drink bottle for your child each day.