Budding Builders

Budding Builders
Posted on September 14 2022 Categories: , , ,

Welcome to Budding Builders

The Budding Builders program has really taken off and the children have been enjoying getting their hands on and creative minds into the projects.

We have just celebrated Father’s Day and the children made some amazing creations for their special family members.

They used sanders to sand down the wood and make the surfaces all smooth, this helped to developed gross and fine motor skills. They used nails and hammers to create a special design and banged the nails into the wood before using either rubber bands or wool and twisted hooks into the wood until they created a masterpiece to give to their loved one.

It’s been really lovely to see the children set their minds and join in on not just the artwork but the social development as well. They all had input into their designs which contributed to their creative development.

The bonus of this project was that all the materials were recycled and reused to fit purpose so was to no expense and also taught children the importance of up cycling and recycling and introduced the idea of sustainable practices and that nothing is wasted.

The next project will use the skills they have already learnt and extend on this and putting that to practice on a Christmas creation.

Well done to all the children for really getting involved and showing enthusiasm in their projects and mostly for remembering to be safe whilst using the tools.

Lookout for more amazing masterpieces to come. 😁