Budding Builders Program

Budding Builders
Posted on April 24 2023 Categories: ,

Hello Wonderful families,

For those who do not know me my name is Sharree and i currently run the Budding Builders Program. However over the past month or so I have been in the Kitchen cooking for all your children whilst we found a new chef which i can happily tell you we have now found.

Budding Builders – Details

So I’m back on the floor and ready and excited to continue working with all the children learning about tools and safety and also getting some hands on experience building something. Currently I have been working with the toddlers in Harlow room creating a banner for them to display in their room and the children used their planning skills their gluing, hammering, sanding and imaginative skills to design their masterpiece. We are almost done with it and i cant wait to see what it looks like completed.

Next i will work with the other room leaders and plan a project for individual rooms and together come up with some amazing concepts and work within each room to create. All projects use reusable woods and recycled materials to ensure we are being sustainable and teaching children about environmental impacts and the reuse, redo and recycle concept.

I am pleased to also say that i will be taking on both Little Flexors and Farmyard Friends programs which i will do some nice relaxing stretches whilst encouraging childrens physical development and teaching children and about healthy minds and bodies and how we can look after our own.

With our Farmyard Friends children will learn to care for our furry friends the guinea pigs by taking children in small groups to feed and clean and care for our lilttle piggies. This teaches children responsibility and also contributes to children’s sense of belonging and can help emotional development as well as cognitive skills.

Im excited to get back into our programs and to see what amazing things children can create and also develop and learn whilst doing the things that children love to do.

Im always around the centre so please feel free to come and speak to me if you have any ideas or would like to know more about the programs . I look forward to working with your children and creating some amazing projects and having a load of fun at the same time.