Budding Builders Program Update

Budding Builders Program
Posted on February 8 2023 Categories:

Budding Builders Program

Hello Leapstart Families

Just an update on our Budding Builders program. Last year the children really dove into the projects and activities. I planned to help introduce the idea of woodwork and also how to reuse recycle and reduce waste by using recycled goods on our projects. The children learnt basic skills that is needed when it comes to sanding, designing and how to use a hammer and nails and of course before any projects begin the children are taught tool safety and what is expected of them when using the tools.

This year I will be working within each room to do a room project that can be a reflection of the room and they can display proudly for families to see. I have started working with the toddlers in Harlow room to create a special design banner using recycled woods and using the children’s input on how they would like it to be and brought all their ideas together to create something unique.

The children in Harlow really enjoyed the hammering of nails and they followed all my directions and more importantly they listened when it came to safety. This shows me that even at a young age toddlers can achieve things beyond expectation and are able to contribute to their own learning and are confident in this.

I will do some individual projects for special occasions like mothers or fathers day throughout the year and I’m sure we will create some amazing pieces of wood work for families to enjoy.

I look forward to a creative and educational year full of new ideas and projects and meeting some amazing learning outcomes and skills for our children at Leapstart

(Budding Builders Specialist)