Bring on the Sunshine and Christmas Vibes

Posted on October 14 2022 Categories: , , ,

Hey everyone, 😊

Again what a busy few months it’s been, and how quickly has this year gone by. As if were nearly in December!! Bring on the sunshine and Christmas vibes 😛

I’ve been super busy extending my current knowledge through university completing prac and learning lots of new ways to improve and implement new strategies, skills, and knowledge within the centre for the best possible learning outcomes for your children. With the Accelerated Neuro Response approach within our centre, we are always busy ensuring the best possible activities are embedded encouraging maximum learning. Our STEM approach has been busy with the subject “outdoor adventures” where the children learn different senses such as sight smell, sound and touch while digging through and exploring the outdoors looking for insects to learn the life cycle of each different bug. We have been busy with community involvement with Alfie – Ange’s Italian mother coming to the centre to make and cook pasta from scratch with the children further developing on their cooking skills and following recipes as well as developing self-confidence. As well as having our annual fire safety check where the children were inquisitive and extremely excited to learn all about the fire safety and how it protects our special centre. And lucky last we had a trip to remida collecting various items based on the children’s knowledge and interests, ensuring we are doing our part to reduce reuse and recycle!

The children were lucky enough to engage in an indigenous incursion with Greg coming to visit the centre educating us all on the indigenous culture and all the interesting ways there are to start a fire, keep warm and find natural medicine remedies in the bush.

The current curriculum is working well and is covering and involving all children’s learning development and interests in relation to their identity wellbeing and connection with the community. The curriculum ensures that all aspects of a child’s wellbeing such as routines and learning are maximised and there are different opportunities for all learning. The staff are making amazing learning experiences and ensuring all children feel safe secure and supported through strong relationships with all staff at Leap Start Early Learning.

I am so pleased to have built such special bonds with the children and families so far and am excited to see what the rest of this crazy year and the following year brings! As always, my door is always open and I’m always here for a chat, laugh and help when needed 😊 <3


Love Courtney xo