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As part of the STEAM approach, we established the “Artificent Tots”, our very own Specialist Art Program here at Leap Start Early Learning Child Care.

Rachel is the driving force and ever so inspirational teacher behind it.

An amazing artist in her own right, she is able to inspire our children to immerse themselves into the art process.

Amazing what children are capable of with the right guidance!

However, from time to time even the most inspiring person like Rachel needs to find inspiration for herself.

I am very blessed to have some dear friends who are just the most talented and inspirational artists. It just so happened that one of them, the ever so Sally Edmonds invited me to the opening of her and fellow artist Stacy Gardoll’s “Birds and Botanicals” exhibition.

She kindly allowed me to bring “plus 2” with me and of course it had to be Rachel along with Amanda, another teacher and artist friend.

There were so many amazing works of art- just check out Sally’s website:  https://www.sallyedmonds.com/

and Stacy’s: http://stacygardollart.com.au/

It was marvelous to see these fantastic original works of art up and close.

Some people’s talent is truly jaw dropping and awe inspiring.

I could not tell you which artwork I loved most, but a little blue fairy wren will soon fly into his new home in the Leap Start Art Gallery.

My favourite part though was observing my artist friends in their” natural environment” and chatting amongst each other!

Rachel will soon spend a day working alongside Sally in her studio and I hope that at some point Sally manages to find time in her very busy schedule to be our Artist in Residence.

So, if your children start bringing home artworks of “Birds and Botanicals”, you know where the inspiration came from!