We Truly Understand the Benefits of Music

Benefits of Music
Posted on March 10 2023 Categories:

At Leap Start Early Learning we truly understand the benefits music has on little one’s minds and bodies. That’s why it’s one of our main focuses at the centre. We have hired a fully qualified Music teacher who teaches and inspires our little ones to learn and explore the different concepts of music.

Benefits of Music

To most people, music is simply a tool for relaxation, distraction, focus, or a way to let of energy. To many parents, it’s often just and outlet that keeps their child busy. However, what many people don’t realize is that music can literally change the human brain both physically and cognitively. Research shows the quantifiable and beneficial effects of music on things like language, memory, attention, problem solving, and more.

Families always ask us when should your child start engaging in music? The sooner the better! A child’s brain goes through the greatest period of growth and has the greatest neural plasticity during the first three years of life. That’s why at Leap Start we start music classes in our nursery and continue all the way up until our kindy room. This means that children have great capacities to learn and absorb new information when very young.

Children at the centre are never focused to participate in music classes, however given the option to join in or watch our classes. Our music program is filled with fun engaging concept that all of the children at the centre love, all children learn concepts of beats, rhythm, time and expression of voice and movement. For those particular children who really love music and show a strong interest in singing acting and dancing we offer extra programs where children can explore more into their interest gain opportunities such as smaller classes where children get more one on one learning, live performances and more.

So, if you want your child to gain the benefits of music, it’s never too soon to start. Join us at Leap Start Early Learning today!