Benefits of Learning Music

Benefits of Learning Music
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Top Benefits of Learning Music at Young Age

Children are loving music classes at Leap Start! At the beginning of our music sessions we get up on our feet and a boogie to our favourite Leap Start songs written by our music teacher. Once we’ve got all our energy out, we sit down and do music theory. Each class is focusing on rhythm and beat and identifying the difference between them. We use nursery rhythms, songs or chants to understand what is beat and what is rhythm. Children are learning to keep the tempo or pulse by clapping and using instruments. Once children can repeat the songs with clapping or tapping on their bodies with confidence, we try the song with our rhythm sticks which helps children transfer knowledge from one setting to another.

Learning music teaches children to work towards short-term goals, develop routine and practice self-discipline.  Setting aside regular time for practice develops commitment and patience which is what our music classes provide. Mastering a new piece or concept of music leads to a sense of pride and achievement, and helps children to learn the value of self-discipline. Music can give children a way to express themselves, to explore their creativity, to be inspired and uplifted and to relieve stress and tension. Music can make your heart sing.

Class Running Times:

Each room has their own music session with our wonderful music teacher. Every session is aimed at the children in the room and focuses on the skills and levels most beneficial for the children.

Nursery one and two – 9:30AM

Toddler one and two – 10:45AM

Pre-Kindy – 9AM

Kindy – 10:30AM