August Social Media Blog

August Social Media Blog
Posted on August 18 2020 Categories: , ,

August Social Media Blog – Social media has been an exciting new way to interact with families on a social level, but it also has been an amazing way to showcase Leap Start and what we offer.

When we share the different experiences that our amazing Art Teacher Rachel has come up with, it demonstrates a wide variety of learning, creativity, and social skills that children have learnt.

We have been able to share about our amazing new playgroups that are just starting and show the wider community what else we offer and just how unique we are. Leap Start is unlike no other with these amazing learning programs we have, and by having a social media platform, we have been able to show ourselves off.

Our families have loved having our menu shown on the Facebook page as they can prepare meals at home knowing what they had at Leap Start, so they aren’t doubling up on the same meals each day.

Leap Start Bottle We also have our amazing new water bottles that have been added to our Welcome-to -the-Family-Bags, these have been custom made by one of our families and their business. The water bottles can then be personalised for the child giving them the opportunity to write their own name on a piece of paper and watch it get transformed onto their own Leap Start water bottle. You can check these out on our Facebook page! If you are interested to have one for your child, please see Jacinta at reception

We really enjoy being able to interact with families on a different level through our social media platforms, we get to learn so much more from their home environments and have made new friends through these platforms as well.

Our “Happiness-Team” responsible for the fun videos you can see on our Facebook page are working on the next fun one- we’ll keep you posted!