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What parents say about the award-winning music based curriculum Bonkers Beat used at Leap Start…

“Awesome Facilities”

“We absolutely loved seeing the awesome facilities at our pre-opening visit. Declan loved trying all the brilliant outdoor apparatus and cant wait to start in a few weeks! The Centre is amazing!”

Jodie Elliott

“Highly Recommended”

“I’ve got little Ethan who’s 16 months and when we thought about how we would develop his intellectual and physical skills we thought about music, hence we came to Bonkers which was highly recommended by friends of ours. Ethan doesn’t have a high concentration span so this is going to be good for him. What you do with the kids is fantastic and to watch them grow each week has been remarkable.”

Joanne, mum

“Plenty of interaction”

“My son, Benjamin, is 2 years old, he’s an only child. He gets plenty of interaction and fun and is very active so it’s definitely worth trying.”

George – father

“Great changes in confidence levels”

“…I was immediately impressed with the range of topics covered in the songs… The feedback from the children and parents has been fantastic. The children love having the opportunity to learn to use instruments, feel the beat, sing and move to the songs. During the last few months I have seen great changes in the confidence levels of my children. The parents are telling me that their children are singing so much more at home and sharing their new found knowledge with them.

I believe that a good music program, such as Bonkers Beat, helps children development in many areas, particularly their language, and math’s skills along with their concentration and social skills. I would highly recommend this program to other teachers.”

Nina Lucas, Kindergarten Director